02 February 2007

walk the walk

walk the walk

Hollyweird Boulevard, taken with the lensbaby on.

Wish I was there right now instead of this arctic shit we've got going on. My down coat today actually made a crinkling noise while I have outside, like if I moved in it too much, it would crack! It's bullshit. Cold weather brings out the foul language in me too, incase you haven't noticed. Fuckin-a, it's cold.


TexWis Girl said...

Just to let you know, spring IS coming your way! The robins are heading thru Texas like crazy. Unfortunately, they've been hit by freezing weather here too, so they may be slowed down a bit...

bon bon said...

tell them jet blue will get them here faster and it's relatively inexpensive.
as of now, we're having to take the pugs out more often cuz they can't stand in the cold snow long enough to do both #1 and #2.

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