14 February 2007



Valentine's day greetings to the both of you reading this! If you're a couple, all the better. This lovely lensbaby shot was modeled by my pal, mybuell, stop over and say hey!

And now a serious note to Wisconsin drivers in winter. If you are sensitive to bloggers who bitch, or are a smart and considerate driver, you have no need to read any farther. As for the rest of you:

It snowed, yesterday. And it was slippery. I understand your need to drive slow...yesterday. Today the roads were clear and ice free, and many around you were going 72mph. Feel free to do the same. Yes, you should probably take extra caution when entering and exiting the ramps. They are indeed a little slushy and still have slippery spots. However, here's where it's NOT slippery...everywhere a car went in the ditch the day before! Why do you feel the need to slow down every two miles to view the snow covered auto twenty feet off the road? Will it suddenly speed back onto the interstate without warning? Don't you think that if it could do that, it wouldn't be buried up to the floorboards? Or lying on it's side?! Yes, it's scary to think bad weather causes this predicament, but there is no perimeter of bad weather currently surrounding this vehicle. I assure you, you are in no additional danger being in it's vicinity. I'll also personally guarantee there is no polar bear, arctic gorilla, or swarm of killer Canadian bees about to materialize from said vehicle.

Hey! Thanks for listening! Come back tomorrow as the forecast calls for clear skies so I should be in a reasonable state of mind once again! And happy travels! :oD


yelobuell said...

Do I have a future in hand modeling? Oh wait, but I love my current job. It provides hours of enjoyment and carpal tunnel.

Luke said...


bon bon said...

yes, canadian.

Luke said...

I think I've heard of Arctic Gorillaz. Wasn't that a mash-up?

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