19 February 2007



I was catching up with Deb's blog, reading her entry from last Friday, and was going to post my own take on cats vs. dogs in her comments when I decided it would be too cumbersome to post into a 2" wide space. After all, I have my own blog and can allot all the space I want to this debate that has our nation so seriously divided.

I grew up having both cats and dogs in the house (not to mention birds, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, chinchillas, one wild duck, and a fawn that moved into our backyard and got fat off our bird feeders). Currently our home has two dogs and two cats. Deb speaks of her love of cats and why they are superior in her book...please. Not ever having a dog as a companion, I feel I have a strong case for having her committed.

Here's how things work in our house. The cats are indifferent with family or strangers. You are either a)in their way, b)capable of working a can opener/door handle, or c)a warm lap. They are enjoyable in that they bat things around looking cute, once every 2.5 weeks.

The dogs (aka more intelligent species) on the other hand will 1)not bark when family enters the house, 2)bark several times until they recognize the extended family member or friend, and 3)bark annoyingly at strangers until this person in question has proven themselves worthy of being in our home. Granted this may take up to 30 minutes, but I think the dogs know something I don't, and I've clued in unoccupied family members to hide the valuables during this time.

Yes, incessant barking IS more obnoxious than incessant meowing, I'll give her that. Both need their poop scooped, have costly vet bills, and eat more than children do in third world countries. But, who greets me at the door every evening with tails wagging with "gifts" in mouths, and is even happy to see me coming out of the shower as if that were some secret door? As opposed to the pet that gradually realizes I've come home, greets me with a yawn and a stretch, as if to say "Great, you're here. Whatcha got to eat?"

I'm guessing that if cats had thumbs, they'd sit around playing playstation between napping and eating. Deb will see my point when her children hit their teens. I'll put money down now that that's when Greg gets a dog.

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Deb said...

I don't need a dog to come greet me at the door each night. I have children who get home before I do and they show up regularly with toys in their hands (and occasionally their mouths) to greet me.

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