07 February 2007

this could mean trouble

this could mean trouble

No time to chat. LOST is on...oh, don't forget to download those bingo cards.


Dan said...

I keep coming back to this post every hour or two throughout the day, and i have to admit defeat.

I just don't understand how it relates to the title.

It's like when there is a far side cartoon that you just don't get.

By the way I haven't posted that book out to you yet - I'm just too slack. I'll do it soon i promise.

bon bon said...

you can just bring the book in march if you like.

to clarify this post. DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE is a pretty common sign seen on high line poles (over here anyway). you can take this two ways. one, if you climb the pole, it could mean trouble, or two, the sign itself literally could mean trouble, if it were legible.

the title popped into my head easier than the explaination for it. sorry if you're still at a loss. however, i exercised your brain today, so i'm quite happy with myself.

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