08 February 2007

now with 37% more monster!

now with 37% more monster!

Will photos of food garner me more comments? Probably not. But a girl can dream. These are Monster Cookies. I'll post the recipe up at flickr in a few days. Don't have time tonight as we're headed out the door shortly. Off to take more photos, no doubt.


Kerry said...

Yum. Can I suggest you bake some around the 23-25th March please? :)

Cool picture too, the plate is very Cath Kidson, do you know of her over there?

Kerry said...

Sorry, Cath Kidston

bon bon said...

i haven't, but that doesn't mean much as i don't have cable and am terribly untrendy. these plates came from target.

i'm sure i can make more next month! although you might want to find out what the ingredients are first. they could be full of bacon for all you know! ;o)

kerry said...

Well obviously I was going to double check the recipe when you put it on flikr...

I don't know if Cath Kidston is international, her stuff is just everywhere over here. Look at www.cathkidston.co.uk to see what I mean. If you want, of course.

bon bon said...

there are some very cute items there! there's a style over here shabby chic, which i think that would fall under. maybe...i don't know.

i haven't forgotten about the recipe! it's just delayed due to my painting the bathroom, and my husband having a freelance job and my not wanting to bogart the computer. which i tend to do. :o)

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