01 February 2007

a kodak moment

kneel before the false idol that is hollywood

a kodak moment

Someday I may fit into this strange thing called society. As of yet, it has averted me. Or I it. Maybe because I use phrases like "or I it", but I doubt that's a factor. I've never been a follower of trends. I don't care about designer labels or where Beyonce is on the charts. Some people can pull this off with an edgy rebel persona, but I just come off as a outcast. No one wants to hear about who I saw in concert last night because what is a gypsy punk band anyway? I've pretty much always laid low. My kids have taken on this trait as well, but fortunately their generation is much more accepting of the odd. They grew up being able to easily connect with someone thousands of miles away who equally shares their love of Charles Bukowski...I'm just saying.

I'm ranting I suppose. Isn't that what blogging is for? Tomorrow, I'll be in a different place, come back here and erase all this aimless drivel and in it's place write: I took these shots in LA last spring.


yelobuell said...

"you sure are a funny kid, Johnny, but I like you".

bon bon said...

i'm gonna chalk this one up to "that time of the month".

Luke said...

Hey, I like Beyoncé.

bon bon said...

her boobies?

Luke said...

Why? Is she known for something else?

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