18 February 2007



Could it be I've gotten this far into February without posting a pug picture? God, you must be jonesing something awful! Well, here's that sweet drug of choice...Kensi with a precariously placed rawhide. She was sitting there still for so long, I believe she forgot it was there, sticking out of the side of her face. What a goofball...

If you need more humor in your life, I highly recommend a pug.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you told us it was a rawhide. I thought Kensi one of the following:

1. a big ole snowball stuck to her tongue;
2. a KFC biscut;
3. her tongue had morphed into a KFC biscut; or
4. trying to each a pair of dirty socks.

So much more entertaining that watching my cat freak out the bird. TLC

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