22 February 2007

Cub, pre-sideburns

Cub, pre-sideburns
This photo was NOT taken by me. My friend, Keife took it back in 2003. We went to his house and set up a "studio" in a large shed (garage, out-building?), and spent half the day taking Cub's senior portrait. (I say "we" out of habit, being that we've had some practice over the years being art director/photographer. Only at work the subject matter isn't quite as interesting.) We had already ran out of film at this point, and thought to throw on the ascot, so this was taken with polaroid film. It needed a lot of clean up, there were fingerprints, scratches, and a whole corner was missing, but I think it turned out damn fine! Cub's gotten quite a few compliments on it. If you'd like Keife to make you look this good, drop me a note.

Unless an atypical senior shot is not your thing. Then just go to JCPenney's. Here, I'll get you started.


Keife said...

Thanks Le'Phantom Gatto....... I can't take all the credit. You did just as much work ! Lets start our own studio !!

bon bon said...

sure! would you be willing to invest all your profit sharing to get us started?

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