25 February 2007

bird bath and lilacs

bird bath and lilacs

My intent was to post this yesterday, when I took it, then today in honor of The Oscars, I rifled though my LA pics and post one of those. But a lot of truth is in the phrase the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If I had a GPS in my car, it would always cheerfully be announcing, "Hell. Straight ahead."

So, this is what we woke to Saturday morning. Lovely, light, powdery snow! About 8" of it. Easy to shovel and the pugs can just barrel right through it! Yesterday, we received blizzard warnings with threats of up to a foot more, blowing winds and visibility of less than a quarter mile. I don't know what those meteorologists keep smoking but you can pretty much watch the doppler yourself and decide whether it's boot worthy or not. My great-gramma could tell you more by watching the reaction of a caterpillar. Seriously, they hinted of a few inches Friday night, but "Saturday night and all day Sunday the whole southern half of the state was going to be closed down!" We received about two or three additional inches. The temps did drop so this snow was much wetter and heavier. (This would be a good opportunity to thank our neighbor, Adam, for getting up early and shoveling off the pug trails through our yard! You rock!! I should also mention they fed us supper last night! I've told you before how great our neighbors are, right?)

Anyway, the roads have already been cleared this morning, and I had hoped to see some neighborhood snowmen make their appearances. However, Glenn just informed me we're getting some light rain. Well, that's a new one. I believe I'll be meeting up with plenty of meteorologists on this road to hell that I frequently travel.

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