11 January 2007

natures answer to winters blues...cookies!

natures answer to winters blues...cookies!

Last night I baked cookies, and Kensi stood by the table where they cooled, and cried. I admit, before grabbing the camera, I slid the cookies to the edge of the table knowing she could just reach the edge like this. Didn't take long for my little fish to bite.

While I have your attention, have you seen this short PSA on the effects of drugs on spiders? It's highly educational.


Deb said...

I always get the urge to bake cookies when it's rainy or gloomy outside. Nothing says Wisconsin winter like curling up under a quilt with a cat (sniff), a big glass of ice cold milk, and six or ten chocolate chip cookies.

Mmmm. We're supposed to have a blizzard this weekend, right?

bon bon said...

oooo, we should create a new recipe...blizzard cookies!

frankly, i like dough. by the time the cookies are baked, one is plenty.

Anonymous said...

Are the cookies by the mail bin?????

Claire said...

Brilliant shot! I always want to bake when it's cold out, too. (Especially if it's snowing!)

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