25 January 2007

illudium Q-36 explosive space modulators

illudium Q-36 explosive space modulators

Yes, I did have to look that up.

I made these tiny ray guns a few years ago now, out of polymer clay. They're less than 2" wide. The background is another auction purchase. One of two space puzzles. The color is more vibrant, but I toned it down as not to take away from the color of the guns. I've been meaning to frame the puzzles, but we tend to have quite a number of unfinished projects laying around the house at any given time. Maybe this is due to the fact both us work in heavy deadline environments, so at home the mindset is "put it in the closet, we'll get to it some day." I've got at least two closets that require a linebacker's assistant in closing.


tlc said...

I always thought is was a PLUTONIUM Q-36 explosive space modulator. The last 38 years of my life have been a complete lie.

bon bon said...

well, my source was a google search. don't bet the farm just yet.

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