30 January 2007

Hurley says "dude"

Hurley says "dude"

Last year during the season finale of LOST, we had the neighbors over. We served Hawaiian pizza and Hawaiian Punch, tossed some rather lame tropical decorations around the house, and played LOST bingo. I wrapped gifts (crap from the dollar store) that could come in handy if stranded on a desert island, such as a needle and thread, toy fishing pole, and a can opener. Even though the night was liquor free due to the presence of toddlers, we chalked it up as a success. So, I thought I'd pass on the bingo cards to any of you who might care to play yourselves as LOST starts up again tomorrow. Just download the pdf file here.

The only thing is, I haven't altered these from last summer or whenever the hell it was. There are squares that may no longer apply. Eko could still be referred to as a priest but seeing he's dead, there probably won't be much talk of him at all. And if they're gonna make us sit though another 3 episodes of just Sawyer, Jack and Kate stuck in enemy camp, you won't hear a lot of "bingo" being shouted. (Sorry about the spoiler there if you're catching up on dvd.) Basically, feel free to use these as you see fit.

Of course, you also have the option of turning this into a drinking game. If you are of college age and reading this, I'm sure you made that decision at the mention of pizza.


Jamie said...

I'm Pretty sure LOST doesn't premier until next Wed, the 7th.
The Bingo idea sounds fun, we'll have to try it!

bon bon said...

oops, you're right!
i guess you have all week to make changes to these cards then. hell, you could print 10,000 and sell them on street corners and make yourself a hefty profit in that time!

(but please don't, cuz ABC may have thugs who will go guantanamo on your ass.)

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