26 January 2007

9:15 arrival on track 4

9:15 arrival on track 4

My father-in-law is one of those people. A train nut. There's probably a more official title for someone who dedicates one whole room in their house to building a small city just so a toy train can go in figure eights around it, but let's just use nut for the lack of a better word.

However, I should point out other characteristics this man displays. By trade, he's a self-employed carpenter. He donated a parcel of land to Habitat For Humanity, plus helped build the house that now stands there. He spends several hours every weekend providing hospice care to terminally ill people. Through his church, he frequently gives his time and skills to helping others. Currently, he's in Mississippi, assisting with another home. Although, he's old enough to retire, being self-employed, it's still a little out of reach. I can't foresee the man not working though even if he didn't have to. If we have a plumbing, electrical, roof (etc.) problem, he'll be here in "about twenty minutes." Seriously, the man's a saint.

I'll give him his toy trains.


tlc said...

I believe the proper title is Train Enthusiast.

bon bon said...

baaa! too many syllables, and much harder to spell. you know me better than that!

Anonymous said...

i was in "thinking mode" at work. over that now! btw, can't get back into mine even with proper log and pw. advice? start over? grab a bailey's? tlc

bon bon said...

i'm thinking baileys is where all this trouble began!

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