13 December 2006

taking holiday requests

taking holiday requests

Christmas 2004, Glenn bought me an aluminum tree. In 2005, he bought me a Shure microphone. He was given a gentle nudge in the direction of both. This year, I made no requests for modern, mid-century items. In fact, I haven't made any requests at all. I don't think our credit card can take any more pressure, really. If you're reading this, hon, I can just make due with the new Tom Waits cd. ;o)


Dan said...

Oh boy, I've fallen into that sort of trap before.

OK, Glenn, we're all here for you buddy. let's try and figure out what she really wants.

thechrisproject said...

Man, that's a nice mic. What do you do with your microphone? I got a pair of Beta 58s and a Rhode that I like. But that... that is beautiful.

bon bon said...

dan, you underestimate me. coming from a non-gift giving family, glenn knows it doesn't take much. plus, i know i'm hard to buy for because when i find something i really want, i simply go buy it.

chris, the mic was bought purely for aesthetic purposes. i've always wanted one. and even though i sing fairly well, having this mic is as close as i'm going to come to becoming a singer.

TexWis Girl said...

That really IS a beautiful shot.

bon bon said...

thanks, girlfriend!

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