28 December 2006

side by side

side by side

Today we were in the Kettle Moraine area (near Eagle, Wis.) attending an auction. Every time we're over that way, we like to stop at this small state park that has a natural spring and a trout stream running through it. It's a beautiful setting even though it was a somewhat dreary winter day. Temps were in the 40ยบ's so it was worth a walk. Glenn and I were amazed to learn on our first trip there, it held a resort at the turn of the 20th century. The upper-crust would come from Chicago and Milwaukee to relax in the natural springs. All that's now left of the structures that were there is a circular wall (sans roof) around the spring itself, a few mysterious slabs of concrete, and a stone wall about two feet high with steps in the center leading nowhere. The wall is covered with moss and 20' trees now stand on top of them. The tennis court has been totally retaken by nature. If you were to stay on the trails and explore a bit, you may never even notice these man-made areas. I'm sure many people don't. There's something very "Mayan" about the whole place, yet this was just a hundred years ago and there is much less there to see then any lost city in Mexico.

As for the photo...it was taken in those woods. I simply couldn't pick which version to post so the b/w has been flopped and placed next to the original. Feel free to comment on which appeals to you.


Greg said...

We read the Isthmus every week and were very happy to see your photo published there! You rock!

Deb said...

Congratulations, bon bon!

Greg wants to know if you got paid. I don't know why--I hope it's not because he wants to start an expensive photography hobby!

Greg said...

I wanted to know but had the tact not to ask, Deborah.

Plus all the expensive equipment in the world doesn't mean crud if you don't have an eye. I have a quarter of an eye; just enough to appreciate other people's talent.

That still won't stop me from spending hundreds on a new camera!

bon bon said...

hey, thanks guys! yes, they pay you $25. so if get an average of 3 published in a year, you should be able to afford that digital SLR by...2014.

jamie scott said...

You've inspired me in two ways:
1. I'm going to visit Eagle and try to find your hidden spot.
2. I have a photo I'd like to submit to isthmus, but can't find the email address. The last issue didn't have it printed and I can't find it anywhere. Would you be so kind to forward it to me? I'd be forever indebted. Thank you!

bon bon said...

thanks, jamie. i see the link i had no longer works, but you need to head out of eagle toward palmyra on 59, take a right on N, and it's only about a mile up on your right. there's a historial marker to the left in front of an old log cabin. but if you pass that, you've gone too far.

as for the isthmus, send hi-rezs to cfath@isthmus.com. best of luck!

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