04 December 2006

parisian market 2

parisian market 2
Now for the less colorful side of the market.


thechrisproject said...

Cool shot. It's a little heavy on the vignetting. Was the grain intentional, or was it just a result of the ISO/cropping/light conditions?

Either way, I think it's a rally cool subject and composition.

bon bon said...

thanks, chris. i had a very shitty little digital when we were there. sad to say, none of the photos are great, so i just chose the other extreme and went nuts in photoshop.

Anonymous said...

nice shot, it has soul ! Bravo !

I hope you paid her after you stole her soul ..... :0)

Louis Sifier

bon bon said...

we left some euros in her cup. i try to pay my models.

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