10 December 2006

meeting of the minds

meeting of the minds
Mr. Cup and I discussing world affairs. You may be surprised to know, he has vast knowledge in geo-political affairs...

didn't have much to say
Hello Kitty, on the other hand, had no opinion. Likely due to his lack of a mouth.


Daniel said...

Hello Kitty is a well-known fascist.

Dan said...

I don't know about facisim but:

"Likely due to his lack of a mouth"

He appears to be transgender.

bon bon said...

well-known, you say. that explains it being next to "Everything Mussolini" in the mall.

dan, hello kitty is the opposite of hermaphrodite.

who knew this post would be so educational?

Spudooli said...

The funniest post and comments I have read in a long time. I'm laughing out loud.

Luke said...

Hello Kitty's a girl. Her boyfriend's name is Daniel.

Now I cry.

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