02 December 2006

hit sri lanka. win a prize!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Dan and Kerry, purveyors of All That Comes With It, "volunteered" me to judge their contest "I’ve been to Azerbaijan and all I got was this lousy red splodge on a map." Which, all sarcasm aside, I'm a willing participant!

The contest is already in full stride, but I wanted to point out some guidelines to help boost up your score!

Dan's original post reads I’m hoping it will be the area covered by the countries - then my Australia will beat all the hundreds of piddly little European places Kerry has been to. Excellent point! So, it will help to know where you usually reside. Are you racking up flyer miles, so to speak? AND, what did you do while you were there? Listing a country will gain you a point, but I'm adding extra points for how far you've traveled and what you experienced.

Examples on earning Extra Points:
"I've been to Spain." (0 EP)
"I've been to Spain and ran with the bulls." (2 EP)
"I've been to Spain, ran with the bulls, and spent a week in the hospital after being gorged in my backside." (6 EP)
"I've been to Spain, ran with the bulls, met my future wife in the hospital, and returned the following year to be wed in the middle of the running!" (You may have just won this contest, my friend.)

That said, I encourage you to enter even if you've only crossed the border into Canada for cheap prescription drugs. True be told, I could be handing out Pity Points. Good luck!

...And now, back to my photoblog:

mounting eiffel

In honor of travel, I dug out a photo taken in Paris in 2001. Unfortunately, we did not have a quality camera with us. Digital was pretty new, or it was to us anyway. All we had was a crappy little point and shoot, so our photos are all rather noisey and soft. Let's just call them arty.

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