01 December 2006

don't anybody move!

don't anybody move!

Today we got 8" of snow. By the time it had finished snowing this afternoon, the sun came out and everything was covered in a gorgeous blanket of white. However, by then I'd been doing so much shoveling and snow-blowing, I remained indoors. Tomorrow I'll venture out. Today the entertainment was inside.

Isaac is Cub's cat. So, when he moved back home, along came Isaac. He doesn't really mind the pugs. We have an older cat, Cam, that stays mainly outdoors, so Nigel, Cam (different shot) and Isaac all tolerate each other. All problems lie with Kensi. She's a total instigator. Look closely and you'll see she's in mid-bark. I love Nigel's expression, as if saying "at least she's off my ass for once."

Now for something completely different...
Dan and Kerry are holding another friendly competition, and they've asked me to pick the winner! So, "world travelers" swing over and see what all the cool people are talking about...and let the ass-kissing commence!

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