27 December 2006

christmas at my parents' house

christmas at my parents' house

...and signs of the festivities are everywhere! Glenn took this shot of the deer mount that hangs above my dad's chair in the living room. I should point out that the room also contains two northern pike mounted on a slab of driftwood (looking very much in their element, I might add), and a black bear skin covering the length of the back of the sofa. I asked Dad if the bear had that velvet trim around it's belly when he shot it, and he confirm it did.

At some point, the phrase "twelve days of Christmas" came up, and my niece's husband, Ryan, reminded me that the 25th was the first of the twelve days, which in today's age of consumerism, Christmas Day has become the big finale. Although, I'm by no means, very religious, as a kid, it seems the season started later, and carried on into the new year. The second or third week of December, we usually "stole" a fresh tree from my uncle's woods, and left it up until too many needles were embedded into the shag green carpet, about mid-January. Christmas sort of tapered off. I think that concept has disappeared over the years. I turned the radio on December 26th and there wasn't a carole to be found. Today, I noticed the house two doors down had their tree on the curb already. Personally, I think it's wrong to put your tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Can we please just have one holiday at a time and not succumb to the ads telling us to prepare for the next holiday? I'm not saying you shouldn't shop early. You've got a lot of people on your list and you wouldn't want to put off all you have to do until December 20-something. But seriously, do you now absolutely need to box up those ornaments and start your valentine's shopping? Are the ads for diamonds really that persuasive?

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