12 December 2006

(not so) center orb

center orb

I wish I knew a little more html. The fact that my mast head is flush left makes me want to hit the right side of my monitor in hopes that it will reposition itself. If anyone out there know where blogger beta hid this tag, I'd be grateful for a holla. Now today, there seems to be a few options out of commission in the posting area, so I can't center my image on the page. Greg told me I couldn't leave blogger because I've already moved in and met my neighbors, so to speak. But this condo board has rules I don't care for. Maybe I want a big, plastic flamingo on my lawn. Or butt-people in my garden. Ok, butt-people are just silly, but you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, here's an ornament...enjoy! :o)


Greg said...

You can always leave Blogger. Don't worry, we'll find you. No matter where you go, we'll be there (hmwaa ha ha ha)!


Dan said...

I left blogger - had to learn a new blog publishing program but that wasn't too bad.

Saying that....I can't actually get my pictures to center - but I'm not too bothered. That's probably just my template though.

I didn't loose any readers though - I just ran both site simultaneously for a while and nagged everyone who linked to me to switch to the new address.

I do have to pay $7 a month for my host mind you, but there are other free providers out there (wordpress.com for example)

bon bon said...

$7!! outrageous! actually, i'm more lazy than cheap. we'll see how many more annoyances i can deal with before i snap. (plus, i hate to lose my 12 faithful readers.) in the meantime, it gives me something to write about...and hey look, comments!

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