02 November 2006

where in madison...

where in madison...

I'm going to take the suggestion of a few friends and post my images to flickr first, then link back to here. So, clicking the image now, will take you to my flickr page. Which was offered as a way to work though the blogger photo problems, but thinking about it, I only have to upload once this way.

This shot was taken at a rather popular spot in or around Madison, Wisconsin. Look familiar to anyone? No prizes will be awarded like Dan's contests, however, as he obviously makes a lot more money then I do.


Spudooli said...

So I've been hanging out waiting for you to reveal where it is... So fess up. Where is it?

bon bon said...

oh. someone guessed on the flickr site. well, they randomly named a few popular spots in madison until they got it. it's at the west side entrance of the UW arboretum.

think i'll put the guessing games to bed until i know i have more then 4 readers.

Spudooli said...

And to think I missed that. I drove right past that sign then only 4 weeks ago. Although perhaps I was just concentrating on driving on the right side of the road too much to notice the sign.

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