01 November 2006

tin type pup

Here I was all set to trash talk blogger some more, and my photo popped right it. Now I have to think up polite things to say instead!

This photo was taken last year at this time. A few of us went to the Chicago SOFA Expo (no, not couches), and I managed to get a few shots taken before being scolded. In years past, I took plenty of pictures, but now that I appear to have a more professional looking camera, they fear I'm going to run home and... well, I don't know what, but I still see lots of people with their little point and shoots happily snapping away. Anyway, that's fine. If we get to it this year, I'll just take a sketch pad.

This, by the way, is a purse! Made up of old tin cans and toys. Not a practical purse mind you, but I wanted it just the same. I think it ran $1500, but I don't recall. It was completely out of my league. As is everything at SOFA. But the show is wildly inspirational/depressing because you leave there with all your creative juices flowing, then remember you work in a creative department that is that in name only and you don't make enough to afford real art.

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