08 November 2006

they're on the list

they're on the list

I could use this opportunity to rant about how I don't believe that most Wisconsin voters ever took the time to find out just what the civil union referendum was even about, and therefore smart, single, professional couples will leave this state and take their money with them. Leaving the rest of us wonder why our taxes are so high.

Or, I could rant about how much LOST sucks this season, yet I'm hooked so I have to wait until February(!) to see if Jack stitches Ben up, and Sawyer and Kate get the hell away from there.

OR...I could just tell you it was a gorgeous day here, hitting nearly 70! I took the afternoon off to get my sunroof fixed (it was off track and howling like a banshee), so my oldest son, his girlfriend and I just tooled around Madison, and had a lovely lunch at Roman Candle. Luke had a logical explanation for the perfect weather. "It's Jesus's way of thanking us for voting to ban civil unions." Where does he get his sarcasm?


TexWis Girl said...

But at least Kate & Sawyer finally hooked UP!!!

bon bon said...

but mr. eko was taken out by a swarm of gnats! have you heard the expression, jumping the shark? i think they arrived there too quickly.

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