05 November 2006

"shut up or i'll slap you"

shut up or i'll slap you

Yea!! My one hundredth post (and certain to be my 30th grammatical and/or spelling error)!

Thought I share a sweet story today about my parents. Next year they celebrate their 50th anniversary, and I believe I know the secret to long, happy relationships. I was on the phone with my mom earlier today. We spoke of holiday plans, the lovely weather we're having and venison (what every Wisconsinite discusses this time of year). All the while, my dad, who is retired, is chiming in every few minutes to add his opinions on what mom is saying. Mid conversation, I hear the following—but keep in mind, this is sweet talk. No voices are ever raised—
Dad: Shut up or I'll slap you.
Mom: It'd be the last time.
Dad: I'm not scared of you.
Mom: You should be.
I start cracking up. This is how my family communicates. And you can't get any more loving then that. So, if you know me? Now you know where I get it from.

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