23 November 2006

magnificent breasts

magnificent breasts
I'm not getting nearly as many hits on this site as I'd like, so I thought I go for a title that would lure in the high-brow viewers I desire.

As for this photo, Glenn took it. I was preoccupied in the kitchen. Go figure. We had a total of seven for dinner, but enough food to feed twice that amount. Which is the goal of a true American Thanksgiving after all. My goal is to have four days of leftovers.

For anyone who would like this recipe, I've been following this one for several years now and it's been superb each time. Only I'm not a huge onion lover so I forgo the whole oniony part. Your call, stinky.


Anonymous said...

I have a great turkey recipe, but it's a chore. Carolina and I went over to my parents'.

I'll be checking your blog more often.

PS: it's dan, alt.frames.

bon bon said...

hi Dan!
i think they're all a bit of a chore. which is why i personally only bother with this once a year.

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