13 November 2006

did you eat the last s'more?

did you eat the last s'more?

Cub and Steve by the campfire.


thechrisproject said...

What exactly is it that you don't like about it? I'm guessing it has something to do with the focusing. I'm so used to the "focus, then frame" style of shooting that it's hard for me to imagine anymore that there's something better. I know you can change the focusing point, but it's a pain in the ass.

Not that I haven't run into some problems with my 300D. My main issues now are:
1) You can only shoot 4 pics in a row in RAW mode. This makes derby photography, sports photography in general, and concert photography particularly difficult.
2) The small sensor. The cheapest full frame sensor digital camera right now is the 5D and it runs about $2500. Ouch. I want my full frame for my wide angle lens!
3) 6.3 megapixels just ain't hackin' it anymore. With 10 I would have more room to crop and still make large prints.

I'll probably get an XTi in the next year, but I drool over the 5D.

bon bon said...

oh, sorry. left out the details. i've made the complaint before however. it's the noise when shooting in the dark. i'll look at an enlarged photo of someone's 300D or now the XTi, and they are so much "cleaner". and there's no easy way to fix it in photoshop.

my other gripe would be the speed of the capture, (which doesn't apply to this particular image) but I have a pal that bought a equivalent Nikon at the time we purchased this, and we took the same shot (at auto settings) side by side and his was a crisper, faster capture. granted, i'm no photographer. just a nut who takes a few too many photos. he may have had better lens going for him.

as for the focus. i leave it on manual for the most part. the little robot working the auto-focus seems pretty indecisive and can get on my nerves.

Joely said...

All this photography talk is nice, but has anyone else noticed that Cubby is dressed the same as Steve? Did they call each other? And why does Cubby look so happy and Steve look so sad? Trouble in paradise?

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