12 November 2006

coltrane undone

coltrane undone

Today we attended the holiday art fair in Madison and I had no intention of spending any money, yet I managed to. This painting caught my eye and it was the artist's first show, so his work is still relatively inexpensive. We've managed to acquire a couple original pieces by local artists over the years. They were purchased when they were just starting out, so we've seen their work become a bit more sought after. Not that these "investments" will gain us anything since we buy them because we enjoy having them. Our kids may discover we made a wise decisions when they're selling all our stuff at auction 50 years from now.


Greg said...

It was inexpensive because he didn't finish the bottom.

Martel said...

Hey. This is somethin'. Seeing my painting in someone else's place. And Greg- Coltrane's life was unfinished, dig? Thanks again for the purchase... and I hope this is a wise investment for your kids in 50 years.

bon bon said...

ha! hey martel! thanks for stopping by. it's hanging on the wall now, but god knows when i'll get around to framing it.

and don't mind greg, he's a wise-ass.

Martel said...

Hey, how are you? I just want to let you know that I got a big break, I will be displaying my work at The American Jazz Museum in Kansas City this summer. Just trying to reinforce your investment! haha

I have new work at allaboutjazz.com as well as myspace...

thanks again.

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