28 November 2006

awaiting strings

awaiting strings

Our friend, Joel, is a potter with his own wood-fired kiln, and invites us over each time he unloads it. Or whatever the terminology is for removing-the-pieces-once-they've-cooled. If you're familiar with pottery and glazing, you know that you DON'T know just how a piece will look until all is said and done. This time he used what he thought was a red glaze on several items, but it turned out to be blue (a lovely blue however) which he speculated may have been due to allowing the kiln to become too hot. Unfortunately, the heat effected a few of his platters and cracked them. This violin survived intact, thankfully. I can't say my photography did much to enhance it's detail, but I wanted to show it just the same. Maybe he shouldn't have been serving wine all evening.

shameless plug: You can find his stuff for sale here!


Joely said...

Darn, thats a nice piece of ceramic art! You'd have to be a little cooky to spend all night drawing those little symbols all over that violin.

bon bon said...

someone on the flickr site wanted to know about your liquor intake drawing on all those symbols...

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