06 October 2006

shooting the moon

I had this idea (which I'm sure I'm not the first to think of) to position the telescope on the moon, then try and shoot through the viewfinder with the camera. Here you have the outcome. I can't quite capture a correct focus though. The full moon is actually tonight, so I'm gonna try it again wearing more proper shoes this time, and that might just do the trick. If not, I shall not speak of this experiment again.

p.s. Happy birthday Mom and Keith! ;o)


thechrisproject said...

I took a picture through kaleidoscope at Olbrich Gardens that was similar to that. The focus turned out okay, but a kaleidoscope is a much simpler set of lenses than a telescope is.

bon bon said...

that's pretty cool! i'll have to get my hands on a kaleidoscope now. :o)

thechrisproject said...

You're in Madison, yes? There was a booth at the Art Fair on the Square that had some insane kaleidoscopes. Lemme see if I can find that guy's card somewhere.

bon bon said...

...attached to these huge planters? those were pretty awesome!

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