15 October 2006

now for my next trick...

now for my next trick...
Early summer of 2000, we had a couple of unexpected house guests drop in. By falling from their nest and landing on our car. They couldn't fly yet so we set up a heat lamp in a box and fed them soggy dry cat food, which is what the vet recommended.

Cub played main care giver, and named them. Cubby Junior was healthy and unhurt, and within a few short weeks was flying around the house, pooping on your shoulder. Gary had broken his foot in the fall and hobbled on his ankle. He was flying quickly too, but his landing was less graceful. When it came time to release them, Cubby Jr. flew in a nearby tree, sang to us a little then moved on. Gary had reservations and wouldn't leave the ground. We worried he'd be an easy target, so we brought him back in until he got a little stronger. We'd take him outside several times each day and eventually he'd fly from your hand to a tree. Finally, we could leave him outside. The next morning at dawn he was back on our doorstep singing for breakfast.

For a month, he came and went. We have photos of him by the sink, by the stove, on our shoulder, etc. I'd like to think he found a lovely girl and settled down somewhere, but we also gave him the false hope of trusting humans. Which each of us is well aware that can backfire.

I can only hope he continued to land on friendly shoulders the remainder of his days.

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