27 October 2006

i'm the mare of this one-horse town!

My God, I'm so witty. A-huh, sure...

Another shot of Glenn's. We were having lunch and saw this through the window. Which explains the glare you see across parts of the image. Not something you see every day, frankly.

We ate at a McCormick and Schmick's btw, which was delicious. I had cashew encrusted tilapia in a Jamaican rum sauce, and finished it with a mini creme brulee to die for! I've since decided I need to learn now to make creme brulee.


Deb said...

Greg can give you some tips on that. He learned how to make creme brulee a few years ago when I bought him a kitchen torch.

I did, however, have to talk him into using the torch while the ramikin was on the stove, not on the counter.

bon bon said...

sounds like you may have another entry there for dan's competition.

Greg said...

You guys see the most wonderful sights. I'm never around when stuff like this happens. Or, sadly, maybe I am but I just don't notice.

I'm glad you do.

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