01 October 2006

get a slant of da pins on dat tomato, louie

This morning at sunrise, Glenn and I headed down to the depot here in town to see if we could create a little 40's hollywood magic. We purchased several pieces of antique luggage a few years ago, and I recently found these shoes at Target, of all places. There are more photos to this set but we picked this out as our favorite, so it's the only one I've taken time to convert to b/w for now. I'll get around to more eventually.

Just to avoid confusion, Glenn is behind the camera here. His legs are much too hairy and they didn't have this shoe in a size 12.


Anonymous said...

oh the play of shadows and light! One can almost see her deep red lips and dark velvity eyes just waiting to be swept away!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful! You got the gams, girl!

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