10 October 2006

don't ask me about the packers either

This isn't the first time I've outed myself as a native Wisconsinite. It only takes one look in the drawer of our refrigerator for proof. Growing up just quarter mile from a cheese factory spoiled me from ever wanting a store bought cheese curd. Without the squeek, you may as well be eating individually wrapped Kraft singles! The horror!

This may lead you to think I also consume my share of beer and brats, our state's other two staples. That would be untrue. Not every cheesehead likes beer. Not every cheesehead like cheese for that matter. AND not every cheesehead likes to be called a cheesehead. But I wear the title proudly. Just not the hat.


Dave said...

Despite loving the Packers, I watched the NASCAR on TV instead last weekend. I turned down the brats on the grill though, they just don't do it for me I'm afraid. Heineken is also my beer! Love the cheese though. I got lost in Madison around UW on Sunday, I blame the parade and the closed streets. Got snowed on today and it's freezing cold.
And I'm not sure that much cheese in the fridge is a good thing.

bon bon said...

sorry you hit us on a crazy game weekend. i'm afraid this weekend gets worse as it's homecoming.

as for the cheese, this is maybe 3 months worth. i won't put it all on one pizza.

TexWis Girl said...

Make my mouth water, why doncha!

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