12 October 2006

do i have glitter on my teeth?

I enjoy Halloween. It's at a great time of year, there's plenty of chocolate to go around, and if your prehensile tail is showing, no one judges you because they think it's part of your costume.

We don't go too wild on the decorations. Our dining room has a large window that faces the street so we put out some creepy toys, light some candles and hang our Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster. Unfortunately, this large window also allows us to see the decorations of the house directly across from ours. Being a designer myself, I'm all for more with less. I don't think this home owner has ever heard of such a movement. Movement, actually is a better word for what she does. A witch here, green lights there, a plastic ghost to the left, tombstones to the right...you could reach out and touch some tchotchke from any point in her yard . This continues from now until Easter. When the Halloween crap comes down, the Thanksgiving crap goes up, followed by Christmas, Valentine's, St. Patrick's day, then Easter. I never have to wonder what holiday lays ahead, I just have to look out my window.

Other then the 4th of July, she slows down considerably during the warmer months. Probably busy untangling all those lights.

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