09 October 2006

can't teach those cows how to pedal anyway

My route to work the last few weeks has been taking me on the back roads through farmland, as they are currently working on the interstate right where I normally get on. Which certainly is a more calming drive and pleasing view. However, it takes ten minutes longer. This has not stopped me from leaving at my normal time, however. Not that this bothers me. The whole creative department (well, most, and you know who you are) has been putting in some heavy hours. So, if I see some picturesque old bikes for sale along the side of a milk house, I'm gonna pull over and take another two minutes out of my morning to shoot and reflect. And you can't stop me.


Brave and Crazy said...


Your Boss said...

You're fired.

bon bon said...

good. i could use a break.

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