30 October 2006

bloody hell...

I was gonna post a couple jack-o-lantern photos today but blogger isn't letting me upload any pics! If you care to see them, you'll have to go to my flickr account. They are both Nightmare Before Christmas inspired.


thechrisproject said...

Blogger hasn't been too good to me lately. The lack of pictures in RSS feeds, the downtime, and the complaints from other bloggers using it are starting to get to me. I hope they fix things and get it up to regular Google levels of excellence.

bon bon said...

i'm thinking i may need to look into photoblog.org. only i'm not too hip on programing and they sound more user-friendly towards pcs then macs.

thechrisproject said...

I'm a programmer by day and I have installed blogging software on servers before. I have another blog that's on my own site and is running Wordpress and I think it's great.

The problem is this: lots of people use Blogger. John K, the creator of Ren & Stimpy has a Blogger blog. A popular photography blog I read is here. These are not people that want to or can maintain their own blog sites. Blogger has sold itself as being the easy to use solution for those who aren't terribly technically inclined, but it has fallen short. I'd rather see Blogger get itself in shape because it would be nearly impossible to convince all these people to move elsewhere.

bon bon said...

thanks for the input, Chris. i'm not ready to give up on blogger just yet. like you said, i'm one of those who never intended to work any harder then hitting the "post" button.
i'm gonna give Dan's suggestion a try (see his comment on 11-1). maybe that's a work around i can live with.

p.s. LOVE john k's work...are you familiar with Coop? he also uses blogger.

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