31 October 2006

it's official. i'm pissed.

It's a little difficult to keep a daily photo blog when blogger doesn't allow one to upload a photo. Call me finicky. I'm thinking my days here may be numbered. Which I guess wouldn't really matter since I duplicate everything over at flickr anyway. Even so, this seemed a little more personal, as if flickr were one big party, and I came up to you to say "hey, why don't you and I head over to my place..." Turns out my electricity has been turned off and I may be evicted.

Again, you can still see my daily photo below. It's just a two step program for now. If it becomes any more challenging then that, I wouldn't blame you for calling this relationship off.

Happy Halloween...

30 October 2006

bloody hell...

I was gonna post a couple jack-o-lantern photos today but blogger isn't letting me upload any pics! If you care to see them, you'll have to go to my flickr account. They are both Nightmare Before Christmas inspired.

29 October 2006


The sign told us this is America's first Baptist church, which we have no reason to disbelieve. If you can trust anyone from 1638 not to feed you a line of crap. I've heard stories.

I'll end our Providence trip here and save the rest of the photos for another time. I have a handful more I like, but like any vacation, you may be feeling it's time to head home and sleep in your own bed. Plus, there's that mound of laundry to do.

28 October 2006

what do you mean, it's not underwater?

Popular watering hole of Brown University hipsters. Probably. I didn't go in. I feared being kicked out having to order a drink with an R in it, and them not understanding what strange language I was speaking.

27 October 2006

i'm the mare of this one-horse town!

My God, I'm so witty. A-huh, sure...

Another shot of Glenn's. We were having lunch and saw this through the window. Which explains the glare you see across parts of the image. Not something you see every day, frankly.

We ate at a McCormick and Schmick's btw, which was delicious. I had cashew encrusted tilapia in a Jamaican rum sauce, and finished it with a mini creme brulee to die for! I've since decided I need to learn now to make creme brulee.

26 October 2006

seems like fire is their main concern out east

Glenn captured this image. Taken around the same time as the street shot. I didn't remove the color from this one, but I did tone it down some. The street lights were pretty orange.

Is anyone sick of Providence yet? Good, 'cuz I got a few more waiting in the wings...

25 October 2006

two if by sea

ok, that's a Boston quote, but this image just screams colonial, so I couldn't resist. The photo quality itself is pretty bad. We didn't take a tripod with us, and this camera just doesn't capture quick enough for me in dark settings. But, it's the stillness of the image I liked. Almost felt like a movie set. I wouldn't have been surprised if a man on horseback came riding up shouting something about the British invading. Now, that would've been a cool shot.

24 October 2006

fire station 2323

We came across quite a few of these "fire stations" throughout Providence. Most covered with graffiti. This one managed to be relativity clean for the time being. Notice the hundred and fifty coats of paint? The sun was hitting this one just right, showing all those years of texture.

23 October 2006

6:00pm e.s.t.

This is a rather large clock. I know it's old because it's analog. And it does not give the temperature.

22 October 2006

a capital view

Looking west across the river to the city below. Walking this area of Providence gives your calves a workout. Much like San Francisco...if SF were colonial.

21 October 2006

cobblestones in providence

Had a lovely time in the Ocean State's capital these past few days. With the exception of a rather rainy Friday, we managed to cover quite a lot of ground. Providence is a nice, compact city so we had no problems seeing what we wanted on foot. Our son's girlfriend is from there. They manage to get back for a visit once or twice a year. This time we accompanied them and met her family, who were delightful and generous. Grandpa Ed was especially charming.

So, does all this mean a wedding is in the future? It's being tossed around. I'm sure you'll see the pictures when it happens.

17 October 2006

but you can see the pug through the trees

Fat, little Nigel on a warm, autumn day.

You will be forced to look at him for the next several days as we will be out of town and I won't be updating.

16 October 2006

chlorophyll be damned!

I took this shot last week along side the parking lot where I work. This week, 75 percent of these leaves are on the ground and what's left up there is brown. Incase you came looking for yourself. In general, it isn't a very good year for autumn color. These few trees are the exception. Wednesday, we're heading to the east coast to be judgmental of their foliage. Unfortunately, the forecast is saying rain. Cross your fingers for me. Otherwise, you're gonna be stuck looking at some ugly photos.

15 October 2006

now for my next trick...

now for my next trick...
Early summer of 2000, we had a couple of unexpected house guests drop in. By falling from their nest and landing on our car. They couldn't fly yet so we set up a heat lamp in a box and fed them soggy dry cat food, which is what the vet recommended.

Cub played main care giver, and named them. Cubby Junior was healthy and unhurt, and within a few short weeks was flying around the house, pooping on your shoulder. Gary had broken his foot in the fall and hobbled on his ankle. He was flying quickly too, but his landing was less graceful. When it came time to release them, Cubby Jr. flew in a nearby tree, sang to us a little then moved on. Gary had reservations and wouldn't leave the ground. We worried he'd be an easy target, so we brought him back in until he got a little stronger. We'd take him outside several times each day and eventually he'd fly from your hand to a tree. Finally, we could leave him outside. The next morning at dawn he was back on our doorstep singing for breakfast.

For a month, he came and went. We have photos of him by the sink, by the stove, on our shoulder, etc. I'd like to think he found a lovely girl and settled down somewhere, but we also gave him the false hope of trusting humans. Which each of us is well aware that can backfire.

I can only hope he continued to land on friendly shoulders the remainder of his days.

13 October 2006

gus the gnome

This is Gus.
I was demonstrating how the lensbaby works to a coworker and she supplied Gus as subject matter. This isn't the first time Gus has had his photo taken. Check out her set on flickr. I love the one of Gus doing hard time...

12 October 2006

do i have glitter on my teeth?

I enjoy Halloween. It's at a great time of year, there's plenty of chocolate to go around, and if your prehensile tail is showing, no one judges you because they think it's part of your costume.

We don't go too wild on the decorations. Our dining room has a large window that faces the street so we put out some creepy toys, light some candles and hang our Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster. Unfortunately, this large window also allows us to see the decorations of the house directly across from ours. Being a designer myself, I'm all for more with less. I don't think this home owner has ever heard of such a movement. Movement, actually is a better word for what she does. A witch here, green lights there, a plastic ghost to the left, tombstones to the right...you could reach out and touch some tchotchke from any point in her yard . This continues from now until Easter. When the Halloween crap comes down, the Thanksgiving crap goes up, followed by Christmas, Valentine's, St. Patrick's day, then Easter. I never have to wonder what holiday lays ahead, I just have to look out my window.

Other then the 4th of July, she slows down considerably during the warmer months. Probably busy untangling all those lights.

11 October 2006

baby, if you've ever wondered...

Not sure why Chuck Close choose Howard Hesseman as subject matter. Maybe he was a big fan of WKRP. It was a damn good show.

Did you know WKRP will probably never be available on dvd because acquiring all the rights to the original music they played would be nearly impossible?

And that's one to grow on...

10 October 2006

don't ask me about the packers either

This isn't the first time I've outed myself as a native Wisconsinite. It only takes one look in the drawer of our refrigerator for proof. Growing up just quarter mile from a cheese factory spoiled me from ever wanting a store bought cheese curd. Without the squeek, you may as well be eating individually wrapped Kraft singles! The horror!

This may lead you to think I also consume my share of beer and brats, our state's other two staples. That would be untrue. Not every cheesehead likes beer. Not every cheesehead like cheese for that matter. AND not every cheesehead likes to be called a cheesehead. But I wear the title proudly. Just not the hat.

09 October 2006

can't teach those cows how to pedal anyway

My route to work the last few weeks has been taking me on the back roads through farmland, as they are currently working on the interstate right where I normally get on. Which certainly is a more calming drive and pleasing view. However, it takes ten minutes longer. This has not stopped me from leaving at my normal time, however. Not that this bothers me. The whole creative department (well, most, and you know who you are) has been putting in some heavy hours. So, if I see some picturesque old bikes for sale along the side of a milk house, I'm gonna pull over and take another two minutes out of my morning to shoot and reflect. And you can't stop me.

08 October 2006

nick's on state

We picked a gorgeous day to stroll up and down State Street! Absolutely perfect weather. Went to the modern art museum to catch the last day of the Chuck Close exhibit. Took a few shots, although I'm thinking that's a no-no. The guard sat there with her nose in a book and never stopped me. Then we headed to the roof, where I got this photo of Nick's just across the street. Nick's is one of the remaining establishments not to be pushed out by all the chains coming in downtown. it's a shame really. Thank God for the big pot rally marching to the capital to remind me that not all changes for the worse!...I think.

p.s. Happy birthday Dad!

07 October 2006

what can go wrong jumping in the leaves?

My husband is one who when he sees interesting "trash" on the side of the curb, he claims it. This week he came home with two broken mannequin heads, which I must say, have some photography potential. (Unlike most of the crap currently in his trunk.) Here's a first attempt at doing something arty with them.

06 October 2006

shooting the moon

I had this idea (which I'm sure I'm not the first to think of) to position the telescope on the moon, then try and shoot through the viewfinder with the camera. Here you have the outcome. I can't quite capture a correct focus though. The full moon is actually tonight, so I'm gonna try it again wearing more proper shoes this time, and that might just do the trick. If not, I shall not speak of this experiment again.

p.s. Happy birthday Mom and Keith! ;o)

05 October 2006

dog's eye view

Taken Sunday from the beach area of the dog park in Stoughton, which we try to hit most weekends. We're the couple with the two black pugs.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

03 October 2006

welcome spelunkers

My parents live half an hour from the little town of Rudolph, Wisconsin, and every time we go up for a visit, we stop and get our fill of cheese. I hate to stereotype my own home state in this way, but it's the best damn cheese you've ever eaten! Especially the fresh curds. If you've never had squeaky curds, you haven't lived, my friend.

This tiny hamlet's other (only) famous stop, is the Rudolph Grotto. Which I'll just let the link describe as I wouldn't know where to begin, or if you're even that interested. But I did stop this last time up and took a few shots, this being one of them.

Potato-chop: I took some artistic license and toned down the color here, then applied the lighting effect filter to just one channel and faded that back a bit, which produced this highly detailed look. Making the rocks appear especially craggy!

02 October 2006

01 October 2006

get a slant of da pins on dat tomato, louie

This morning at sunrise, Glenn and I headed down to the depot here in town to see if we could create a little 40's hollywood magic. We purchased several pieces of antique luggage a few years ago, and I recently found these shoes at Target, of all places. There are more photos to this set but we picked this out as our favorite, so it's the only one I've taken time to convert to b/w for now. I'll get around to more eventually.

Just to avoid confusion, Glenn is behind the camera here. His legs are much too hairy and they didn't have this shoe in a size 12.

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