22 September 2006

peanut butter.....gaaaaaaaaaa

When I was a kid, our family had a tradition of racing to be the first one to run your finger across the smooth surface of a newly opened jar of peanut butter. Jars were glass 30 years ago and I have the scars to prove it! Mom usually won as she would gets her grubby fingers in it before it even made it to the check out lane. Yes, I'm calling my Mom a cheater. I carried on this family value when I became a mom myself. Alas, I have two boys, and boys just don't give a shit. So, I took to actually drawing things in the peanut butter. Maybe for attention, maybe my own amusement, but that's not the point. There is no real point to this crazy custom. But I'll bet you've got one yourself.

Just wait until you hear what we do every March...oooo, my first cliffhanger!


Greg said...

If you can do a crappy Virgin Mary you could make a fortune on E-Bay!

Dan said...

My first thought was "Thats some strangely coloured peanut butter" until i realised it was monocrome.

We still have glass jars over here.

bon bon said...

this was a b&w film shot. i thought i'd adjust the color when i scanned it in, but apparently i needed some real peanut butter for reference. then again, my monitor isn't calibrated, so god knows what you're seeing.

i think you're on to something! if i posted this as "peanut butter with the likeness of homer simpson" would some sucker take the bait? let's see, one jar a day at $100 a pop...hello retirement!

Jamie said...

I to have carried on the tradition, but it's such an impulse for me to get to it first the kids never win. Oh well, they will have to wait to be parents themselves to be winners. Ha

Anonymous said...

as someone who shares jars with a peanut butter artist i always hesitate to open a new one. i don't want to mess up that beautiful brown canvas so sometimes i'm really hesitant about digging in until i've given the artist a chance to create

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