18 September 2006

kick it, girls

We're getting home late tonight cuz we went to belly dancing night a the Casbah...only I don't have time to process any images before bed, so I'll leave you with that teaser of tomorrow's post. This is another shot from yesterday on Willy Street. These feet belong to band members of Screaming Cyn Cyn and the Pons. And yes, all those shoes are size 12 for a reason...

Correction: 18.9.06. I was wrong... :o)


Cupcake Wahine said...

You know how much I love drag queens. Now I'm really sorry I was working... late... again.

bon bon said...

you know what they say. all work and no play make cupcake wahine miss all the drag queen shows!

Screaming Cyn Cyn is playing again at high noon on Oct. 4. so, you have another chance...

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