25 September 2006

dad's tree stand

My Dad built this "sky box" as my sister has labeled it, for the onslaught of deer this hunting season. When it was still on the drawing board, I asked him to make it big enough for me to sit and paint in upon MY retirement. Or, say, big enough to hold a drawing board. And so it is. Approximately 5' square inside, not counting the small "deck". The windows are completely removable for proper aim. The legs are used utility poles. My Dad is a happy man, frankly.

Warning to the small birds who use that tiny bird house in the lower left. Things are gonna get loud in about two months. I'd fly south or something.


Dan said...

Aside from the whole hunting thing, which I can never really see the point of, I am very envious of all that land. Your dad fancy giving any of it away?

bon bon said...

the line forms behind me, pal.

Jesse Lucks said...

Would you be willing to share your plans?


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