30 September 2006

28 September 2006

yes, his chin really is that big

Dan and Kerry, the creative forces behind allthatcomeswithit.com, have challenged their readers to post their brushes with greatness. Being the big name-dropper that I am, I decided to scan in these polaroids, that Cub and I took of each other when we went to a book signing of Bruce Campbell's. I'm hoping a visual will give me the edge.

Stop by and add your own comments as "a spectacular prize" is being awarded!

27 September 2006

dirty girls

Our neighbors started cleaning the whithered plants from their garden the other day, and their girls, Cammi and Lizzy, were being very hands on about the whole thing, as you can tell. I told their dad, Adam, I'd post these photos online and with this title cuz my blog needs some hits. Don't disappoint me, people.

26 September 2006

tweet retreat

Close up of the bird house from the previous post.

The whole set is now on flickr.

25 September 2006

dad's tree stand

My Dad built this "sky box" as my sister has labeled it, for the onslaught of deer this hunting season. When it was still on the drawing board, I asked him to make it big enough for me to sit and paint in upon MY retirement. Or, say, big enough to hold a drawing board. And so it is. Approximately 5' square inside, not counting the small "deck". The windows are completely removable for proper aim. The legs are used utility poles. My Dad is a happy man, frankly.

Warning to the small birds who use that tiny bird house in the lower left. Things are gonna get loud in about two months. I'd fly south or something.

24 September 2006

t minus fourteen days...

That's a general guess as to when my parents' woods up north may be hitting it's color "peak". I spent the weekend up there as I was attending my class reunion. (hence, no post yesterday.) This morning I spent an hour just walking around the 40 acres taking in the beauty. Distance gun fire made me wonder if I should have worn something in "safety orange", but Dad told me it's only duck season. Makes you want to shout RABBIT SEASON! Doesn't it?

I'll attempt to get all the photos from this set into flickr soon...

22 September 2006

peanut butter.....gaaaaaaaaaa

When I was a kid, our family had a tradition of racing to be the first one to run your finger across the smooth surface of a newly opened jar of peanut butter. Jars were glass 30 years ago and I have the scars to prove it! Mom usually won as she would gets her grubby fingers in it before it even made it to the check out lane. Yes, I'm calling my Mom a cheater. I carried on this family value when I became a mom myself. Alas, I have two boys, and boys just don't give a shit. So, I took to actually drawing things in the peanut butter. Maybe for attention, maybe my own amusement, but that's not the point. There is no real point to this crazy custom. But I'll bet you've got one yourself.

Just wait until you hear what we do every March...oooo, my first cliffhanger!

21 September 2006


Chihuly installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I don't think Dale even blows his own glass anymore, except maybe for photo ops. Must be nice to wield such power. That must be what it feels like to have a jester...

The lottery is up to something like $200m this week. That's what I'll buy when I win! A jester. Wait, I don't play the lottery. Damn, back to square one.

20 September 2006

pucker up!

Taken at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison. It's much easier getting things in focus when they're still, isn't it?

19 September 2006

shareef don't like it

Sorry, I can't walk into the Casbah without the Clash entering my brain...

Mondays. 9:30pm. Belly dancing. "Coolness", to quote this Pakistani guy I know.

18 September 2006

kick it, girls

We're getting home late tonight cuz we went to belly dancing night a the Casbah...only I don't have time to process any images before bed, so I'll leave you with that teaser of tomorrow's post. This is another shot from yesterday on Willy Street. These feet belong to band members of Screaming Cyn Cyn and the Pons. And yes, all those shoes are size 12 for a reason...

Correction: 18.9.06. I was wrong... :o)

17 September 2006

rockin' the parking lot

The Dials (out of Chicago) played the Willy Street Fair today in Madison. Glenn's been wanting to catch their show the last 3 times they've played but it's never worked out. This time it was free...Bonus. While I was shooting, he was drawing a sketch of the lead singer, then had her sign it after the show. He'll probably put that up on his site in the next day of so. You can link to my flickr photos below to see the whole set. The last shot is her reaction to the sketch. :o)

16 September 2006

fish for dinner

This guy was sitting out over the water just chillin'. Not sure what he is. Well, he's a bird, but I don't know what kind. He stood fairly tall, maybe 8". I'd ask my folks to look it up in their bird book, but it would take them 20 minutes to open this image on their antiquated computer. So the mystery shall remain.

15 September 2006

used piercing equipment. half off.

Another capture of Glenn's. Unfortunately, it was already after 4pm when we drove by.

14 September 2006

a contemplative tone

Glenn and I followed Julian, our nephew, around the yard one day this spring. One of us with a camera, the other with a reflector. Glenn got his one, my favorite image in the set.

13 September 2006

banana envy

I was just sitting here getting the "Greg and The Banana" set up on flickr, and since I'm now too lazy to look for a different image, he and his new best friend will be my blog shot for the day. His birthday is actually tomorrow, so you have time to go out and buy him something. The banana came courtesy of his lovely wife, Debbie.

12 September 2006

shin shot

I love this shot of Nigel. It was taken a while ago with our cheap little point and shoot, and that's just what I did. He was walking along next to me and I lowered the camera into his face. The only photoshop done is removing his "blue eye", but all the movement was capture this way. I had an 8x10 made of this image for my gramma (Nigel's great-gramma).

11 September 2006

(ir)resistibility factor

Confused? See yesterday's post first. I'll wait...

So, it seems Joel has this tendency to dress like a middle-aged European tourist by wearing black socks with everything, year round. I'm talking shorts, sandals and black socks. We all know women are attracted to a finely dressed man, but this fact eludes Joel. Apparently, his desire to don these evil hose of darkness overrides his desire to get laid. Please help me find him a good woman before he buys himself that leather hat he keep threatening me with.

10 September 2006


This is Joel. Joel is single, late 30's, a successful, home-owner who throws pots for fun, and dances a mighty fine Irish jig, as demonstrated. Would you care to date his loyal, creative man? Just let me know...

Tomorrow's post? The reason he may still be single.

08 September 2006


I had planned to share more Toronto shots, but the sky was just too perfect today. Instead I drove a few miles out of town to pine for this old brick farmhouse that's for sale. The sun was lowering behind the house, so this view across the road was the winning shot of the day. Of course, a 2x3" view doesn't do it much justice.

FYI:: When things are working well, images can be clicked on to see them larger. Which will have to work until I figure out how to enlarger them on the blogger page itself. But at times, clicking gets you a bunch of nonsense code. That's been known to happen too. Check my flickr link below if you'd like to see other sizes. Or the photos without all this gibberish. :o)

07 September 2006

all are welcome

Today marks the first day of the Toronto International Film Festival! I am not going. I will have to wait along with the rest of America to see the likes of Borat. Instead, I'll share photos of the year we actually did go. Not that you can tell we went to the film fest, but John Waters does not make for interesting subject matter. This man in red fared better.

06 September 2006


Pear harvest time! Our house is 50+ years old and we assume the tree in the backyard isn't much younger then that. The pears are delicious, although they are rather small and we have to race the bees to them. The neighbor girls wore their bike helmets as they helped pick up what Glenn was knocking down. Their dad, Adam, came up with this post title.

And, thanks to everyone who tried their hands at guessing where my last photo was taken! That's sarcasm, btw, cuz no one bothered to comment. And I know you stopped by to look too, cuz the counter says you were here. So, I'll just keep my gum, thank you.

05 September 2006

spot the post no. 1

Hey foto fans! Can you tell me where in Dane County this lion's head resides? First correct post will win a stick of gum from me, yours truly, and I will leave said winnings (unchewed) on the lion for you to claim. Good luck!

04 September 2006

shadow puppets: keep out!

Is it just me, or does it appear that this dog's head was drawn with the assist of someone casting a shadow puppet on the wall for the illustrator to trace? Seriously, I was making my left hand bark as this image was loading. Also, the body looks more wolf then dog. You should take your dog to this park. I believe you'd have a strong argument to do so.

03 September 2006

heel to toe

Wedding parties are a common sight around the state capital on weekends. This one had to avoid the crowds at the Taste of Madison. Afterwards, they all hit the brat stand.

01 September 2006

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