31 August 2006

boyz in da hood

Just took this shot in our backyard of Cub and Nigel. Nigel's the fat one. Please don't write to say our pug is overweight. We know. He knows too, and he feels bad. Don't judge him. Keep in mind there are two other pugs in our neighborhood bigger then him. Maybe it's all those late night trips down to the Pug Cafe.

On the other hand, Cub could stand to put on a pound or two.

30 August 2006

badger prozac

We went to the zoo this past week. And you can't have a zoo in Wisconsin without a badger, of course. BUT, I'd just like to say that this poor guy ran back back and forth all the while we were there, with nothing to do, no friend to hang with, no tv to watch...I found it rather depressing. I think (s)he'd be happier in the wild. Or at least, on campus with the rest of her kind.

29 August 2006


In March of 2003, Glenn and I visited New Orleans. I'm glad we saw it before it disappeared, cuz that's just what it's done. This is a shot Glenn took of me sitting on the corner of Second and Coliseum, in the Garden District, getting my bearings. I was looking all touristy and didn't really want my photo taken.

We heard this song nearly everywhere we went. Strangely, I had never heard it before going there, and now it pops in my head everytime I see or speak of nola...

p.s. happy birthday, Kimmer! :o)

28 August 2006

our little girl

Kensi had surgery today to remove a kidney stone. Not sure how one shows up. She's just 16 months old. They're having the stone tested to see what type it is...I guess some are more recurring then others. The vet said she'll probably need to go on a special diet. We were thinking of taking up a collection from you, my faithful viewers, but since there are none of you, we'll just let that slide.

27 August 2006

birthday viddles!

Had an early supper at Flat Top Grill. We were there celebrating the 25th birthday of our young friend, Andrew!

May you lose your virginity in the next 25, buddy! We love you! Happy birthday!

26 August 2006

knock the cheese out of 'em

I beg your pardon, sweetie, but if you'll kindly direct your eyes to the scoreboard where they needed to produce a makeshift "1" because our score is in the hundreds, you may come to the conclusion that no dairy products will be harmed in this evenings event. thank you.

Glenn captured this shot. (Hellooo? Chic is short skirt and braids!)

25 August 2006

hurt in a skirt

Tonight we went to the roller derby! Glenn got free tickets cuz he did some art for them. Usually their games are at the skating rink, but tonight's was held outdoors at Warner Park in Madison. There was a short rain delay, and water kept seeping up through the floor, so the girls didn't go as wild and carefree as usual. Water hazzards will do that. But the Dairyland Dolls did "mop the floor" with the Minnesota Roller Girls with a final tally of 127 to 42.

24 August 2006

land of make believe

view from Mulholland
I found this photoshop technique online for making real scenes look like small models and I needed a landscape to try it out on. So, here we have a view of the Hollywood Hills taken from Mulholland Drive when Glenn and I were there in March.

When the long winter hits, I'll go back and dip into the LA photo pool. But for now, there's plenty of summer left to share!

21 August 2006

leaving a legacy

Approximately five miles down the road from us, on a back road, sits this small burial plot. A sign erected there, is labeled Pioneer Norwegian Cemetery, and speaks of it's five inhabitants whose lives spanned from 1801 to 1885. One hundred years later, this family's 1,600+ descendants wanted to remind everyone what Wisconsin was built on.

20 August 2006

highway 18 outdoor theatre

We finally made it to the drive in this season. Here's a shot of the sign from a month back. As you can see, we went to see Telladega Nights. Which was pretty amusing. We caught the first ten minutes of Click while packing up the lawn chairs, but found no humor in Adam Sandler. I didn't hear anyone else laughing either. Was this suppose to be a comedy? Maybe not. There was one scene with that Deuce Gigaloo guy...I believe I heard crickets appropriately chirping in the field behind the screen.

19 August 2006

fair fare

I think I frightened these kids a little when I asked them if I could take a photo of whatever the hell these are. And by kids, I mean they were maybe 14. They bolted immediately afterwards like my next comment was, "come with me and I'll make you see patterns like that without the use of toys."

18 August 2006

summer in wisconsin

This is our neighbor, Cammi. I took this photo when we first bought our SLR. She was busy hopping around in the sprinkler when I asked if she would stop long enough for a portrait. And she did. Just long enough to say "what's a portrait?" and for me to capture this photo.

17 August 2006

even more Handsome

I sent my brother a Handsome Family song and now he's hooked. In honor of his losing his alt-country, mellow-drama virginity, I thought I'd post a second image from the show we saw in Madison back in February. This shot is of Rennie Sparks. Mrs. Handsome, as it were. She writes a majority of the songs and Brett does the singing.

The concert was in the back theatre of the Orpheum on State Street. Seen many a movie there, but never a concert. I thought the screen with a red light across it, and the aqua light on their equipment was pretty trippy. I'll put a few more shots up on flickr, someday...but don't hold me to that.

14 August 2006

contrasts in confusion

I love it when tourists wonder what the hell it is you're taking a photo of.
Glenn captured this shot. I messed with the colors.

10 August 2006

the gold coast

This shot is a bit noisy due to using a high ISO in the dark, but I like the composition.

08 August 2006

07 August 2006

the queen of rockabilly

Last night, we saw Wanda Jackson in concert at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. She's still got it! I'm afraid I didn't capture a great photo, but I like this pose of her belting out Cellblock #9. Didn't want to use a flash in her face.

05 August 2006

my, she was yar...

We spent the last two days in Chicago taking photos of the Tall Ships that in no way fired cannons at the city, so remain calm! It did appear they were about to though. No sign of Johnny Depp either. Dammit.

We took other photos too that I will be sharing. But first I'd like to give a big holla to Susan who saved our butts by putting us up for the night. Tip: Never try booking a hotel in Chicago just two days in advance when Lollapalooza's in town.

03 August 2006

mr. toad

...or Ms. Frog. I don't know. I missed that day in biology. I only know that if I lick one and see swirly things, that's a toad.

01 August 2006

r.i.p. crab apple tree

Saturday, I took a handful of shots of the fruit trees in my parents' backyard. It rained several hours that night, a little thunder and lightening thrown in, but I wouldn't have called it stormy really. This tree begged to differ and two thirds of it toppled over. Maybe it got scared. Poor little crab apple.

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