31 July 2006

exit 126

No, you have not been drinking. This guy is guarding a gas station off I-90 in Wisconsin. Home to many a fiberglass and concrete animal.

30 July 2006

batgirl today

All grown up and adorable! This thursday she turns 6, so if you see Aria be sure to tell her happy birthday!!

28 July 2006


This photo of my great niece, Aria, was taken several years ago with my film camera. I was amused with her resemblance to batboy.
We're headed up to visit family this weekend, so if I see Aria I'll try to get a good photo of her to post, so you can tell how long ago it was that this one was taken.

27 July 2006

Handsome Family

Brett Sparks of the Handsome Family.

This shot was taken with a lensbaby attached. It can be a little touchy getting the sweet spot where you want it. Especially in a dark theatre.

24 July 2006

be sure to visit our tasty snackbar!

We haven't made it to a movie at this drive in yet this year, but we were returning home from Milwaukee recently and had to break rather quickly when saw their new sign out front! My husband, Glenn captured this shot. I pumped a little more color into the clouds as the sky was a bit gray.

23 July 2006

Nigel & Kensington

It was only a matter of time before I started posting pug pictures, right? These were taken yesterday when I took the lily picture. I cannot promise not to go overboard with pug shots in future posts, as they cannot always control their adorableness.

20 July 2006

return flight

Midwest Airlines prices are slightly higher then others, but consider their warm chocolate chip cookies. I defy you to tell me you'll fly Delta again.

19 July 2006

flying by the seat of my pants

Not so much the title of the photo, as my entering the world of (photo)blogging. (Although, this photo was taken on board a plane, so there was some flying involved.)

Please be kind to me or I'll take my photos and go home. Crying the whole way.

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