28 July 2014

finale, summer 2014

I'm putting this blog out to pasture. Eight years, nine days, 1143 posts, is a good run. You can still find me on flickr or any of the links at the top right if you like. Thanks to those of you who have made return visits! Hope to visit with you on your blog or other social media outlets. :)

I'll sign out with a quote from a man much wiser than myself. Peace.

13 June 2014

may/june image dump

I'm just going to share the link below for now until I figure out another option. Whenever that may be. I completed my first summer class on Thursday with only a long weekend for a break, before starting another this Monday. My iphone's been my main source of camera as I've been loaded down with art supplies most days. Dragging my Canon around hasn't been convenient really. Then, I wouldn't have time to process images anyway. I've got a full hard drive to attest to that.

Hope everyone's enjoying what mother nature's been throwing their way.

17 May 2014

%©*(^$#@ !!!

I'm wondering what to do about this flickr mess.

I've always used them as my image source but they have now decided I have a few questionable photos. I've gone through them all, marking the ones that I would guess in their specifications, to be moderate or restricted. They, however, have ignored my request for a review for 17 days now. I feel they need to warn people if they think you may be showing something a little risque, and give a person ten days (or something) to flag the photos in question, instead of just slapping a hold on your account. Considering I pay to store my images there, I'm a little pissed. I reviewed my 4,000 photos immediately thinking I'd be back up and running in a few days. At this point, I'm wondering if the Better Business Bureau gets involved with online companies.

Of those 4,000 images, the burlesque shots feature pasties and g-strings. Anything that could be misconstrued as nude (misconude?), I've since marked as restricted, leaving nothing to question. God forbid some 16 year-old see a bit of side boob when they could turn on the tv and watch some guy get his head blow off instead. That's so much healthier, after all. Reason #412 of what's wrong with America.

Just needed to get that off my fully-clothed chest.

If this post disappears, then blogger has also gotten wind that I'm a menace to society. Should you see my husband, tell him I love him...

02 May 2014

stereoscopic images

Bare with me as these images require a little instruction for viewing...

When I printed these out as 8x10"s for class, I found they were a challenge for some people to see. Not everyone could pull off the 3D effect. My husband finds them difficult. Maybe it's because he has astigmatism, but that's just my theory, frankly.

I discovered, rather by accident, that I could see those old fashioned images created for stereoscopic viewers, just by focusing beyond the image itself, requiring the same concentration given to those magic eye posters in the 90's. You need to keep your eyes level with the image, and stay still until it "pops" into focus. Either cross your eyes to slowly bring the two photos together, or try to focus on a depth beyond that of the image. Everybody's screen size and resolution is different, so view them on the smaller side; not larger than 7" across.

I found one trick is to position your screen at your arm's length away, actually put your finger tip at the bottom, center of the image (below the white, vertical line), then raise a finger on your other hand at elbow or forearm level (of the extended arm), focusing on the finger. Without changing your eye's depth of field, you should see that the two images beyond have now combined into one. Your eyes will be slightly crossed. Whew! Weren't expecting eye exercises today, were you!?

I actually think the effect is better if you look beyond the image, like 50 yards, but apparently I've found a weird talent that I will never find any use for beyond my own amusement.

There are actually 3D cameras out there, but these were taken with my trusty Canon by taking two shots, one step to each side, then making sure they lined up horizontally in potato-chop. For tabletop, shots, I only moved a couple inches left/right.

All that said, it may be that all you see, and all you'll ever see, is two similar images next to each other. No big deal. Sorry for the workout. Instead, please enjoy them for what they are. An April weekend in Wisconsin.

Note: I normally link images from flickr, but they've stopped me from doing so, marking my work as "restricted" due to my having a handful burlesque images. So, now I have 4,000 images to go through. No further comment at this time.  :P

Should you want to view these in different sizes, here is a link to the set. The triple circle (ooo) icon on each individual image's far right, features on All Sizes option. Just an FYI for anyone's image you wish to see larger.

BTW, happy Friday!!

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